About Us

Virtual10s is the world’s first ever virtual platform for social media stars to meet their

fans one and one. Virtual10s is all about bringing Vegas directly to our viewers at

home anywhere in the world! Our mission is to provide only the best of the best in the

entertainment world and the goal is to inspire social media stars to get to know their

fans in a more personal and entertaining way.


Let’s face it who doesn’t want to see a male or female review from their own home?!

Shows go ON DEMAND same day after live performance airs for those who don’t

have the time to see it post live. With a rough estimate of over a million followers on

social media all our entertainers have carefully built up their platforms by protecting

their reputations and operating with integrity. Their success is our success!


The men and women of Virtual10s is Las Vegas' newest heart-throbbing,

sexually-charged, all-around electrifying web-based show coming from The Las

Vegas Strip. Cast and entertainers include the original cast of the Las

Vegas Chippendales show, to IFBB pro, to Nude Entertainer of the year and more.


Watch as the hottest and best of the best perform live online for over an hour of

costumed and choreographed seduction. With sexy performers and daring numbers

the dynamic live performances offer the ultimate raw, high-energy, sensual

production right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.


No porn, sorry! But you will find fun, diverse, and most importantly sexy male and

female entertainment live or on demand!

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